As we celebrate our 10th year in the business, we are proud to be able to state that we are turning out the best boats we've ever built (and they were pretty good to start with!). Gulfstream Yachts is singularly focused on striving to produce the safest boats possible and even our logo serves to further reinforce that dedication to safety by depicting the silhouette of a boat contained within a shield. 


The foundation of what makes every unsinkable Gulfstream Yacht so safe and sets us apart from almost every other boat manufacturer in the world is the foam-filled construction of our hulls. We have proven the benefits of this manufacturing technique with a wide variety of recreational, military, law enforcement, fire department and commercial customers over the years.


We use several techniques to foam fill our boats depending upon the particular model. The construction process involves injecting each boat with a rapidly expanding foam mixture that fills the foam cavities that are integrated into to all of our boat designs. 


For our 34 footers, the process essentially bonds every square inch of the underside of the deck structure to every square inch of the hull. Our highly specialized 34 molds actually have to be surrounded with heavy duty steel cages in order to withstand the heat and pressure involved with this manufacturing technique. The result is a unified structure that provides outstanding ride characteristics, is incredibly strong and greatly reduces any opportunity for the boat to flex or rattle. Most importantly, the boat ends up with a level of foam that far exceeds coast guard requirements and will remain floating even if cut in half.


The 52 and the 66 use a low rise foam instead and have foam filled stringers.


An added benefit of our foam filling process is that it insulates all of the fish boxes and compartments integrated into the deck of our boats and any one of those spaces will hold ice for days! It's essentially like driving around in a gigantic cooler.


The design of our deck spaces also contributes to the safety of our boats. We build 3 piece boats (versus a 2 piece boat) which means that the boat has "toe kick" space so that you can lean against the side of the boat without the dangerous condition of making you unbalanced due to your feet hitting the gunnel wall.  The third piece also provides the added benefit for fisherman of being able to add more rod holders without penetrating the sealed foam compartment. 


Our commitment to safety does not stop with the hull. We use the highest quality components available and try to include redundant systems wherever possible. For instance, every Gulfstream boat comes with multiple batteries and a voltage-sensing relay that helps to keep all batteries charged while preventing the starting batteries from being drained by any accessories.


We are so obsessed with safety that we even try to enhance the safety of your trip to and from the ramp by making triple axle trailers standard (on boats ordered with trailers) in order to help reduce the chances that you will ever find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat.


Unlike most of our closest competitors, Gulfstream Yachts believes that the customer should have a choice when it comes to propulsion.  We can provide and install any brand of motor that you prefer instead of forcing you to purchase a specific brand.


All of our boat models come fully prepared to handle the most demanding yacht tender operations and are designed with that particular use in mind.


Gulfstream Yachts is a semi-custom manufacturer so every boat is made to your exact specifications and we can accommodate requests for just about any option imaginable. We also offer the option of a fully custom boat if our existing lineup does not include the size or layout you desire.


Please contact us today for additional details about our boats or to obtain pricing information.


Summary of Features found on all gulfstream boats:



 Foam-Filled Unsinkable Design


 100% Composite Construction – No Wood No Rot


 Molded Non-Skid on Deck surfaces


 Self-Bailing Cockpit


 Stainless Steel Steering wheel


 Recessed Bow Rails


 Stainless Steel or Aluminum Hardware Throughout


 Power Steering


 Multiple Starting and House Batteries


 Voltage-Sensing Relay – automatically charges all batteries so that accessories don’t drain the starting battery


 Fuse-Free electrical System – increases availability of your accessories by providing breakers instead of requiring you to carry an assortment of spare fuses.


 LED Cockpit Lighting


 LED Navigation lighting


 Dedicated anchor locker


 Aluminum fuel tanks


 Bilge Pumps with automatic float switches – wired directly into battery so that they function even if the batteries are not turned on.

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